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Fucknfilthy interviewed Kevin Heldman


This isn’t an article about graffiti. If you want to read the definitive piece of journalism on throwing up (and I’m not talking about a Karen Carpenter profile), go to your local library and hunt down on microfilm an article from Rolling Stone called “Mean Streaks” dated February 9, 1995. In it, Kevin Heldman, a real journalist, trails a couple of spraypainters around New York (following them into subway tunnels to stand breathless by their side as the trains barrel past; clambering up the Manhattan Bridge to observe them hanging from their knees to bomb or tag the mammoth structure) and generally lays out the whole historical and sociological context of urban graffiti.

That is How Vice described Kevin Heldmans story on JA , which is possibly one of the most well known graffiti articles ever written.
Kevin Heldman has written & had stories published in Rolling Stone, The New York Times , Esquire & many more publications.
He is best known for a fantastic article (The one being talked about in vice above) he wrote for Rolling Stone which received gigantic international acclaim.
This article was on the most infamous , most up & most well known graffiti writer that ever lived , JA.
if your not familiar with JA or NY graffiti it is probably best to read The story he wrote to get a bit of background information before you read the interview.
It can be read here."

For everyone else enjoy the interview


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