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The site, operated by Dutchdamage.com ["Dutch Damage"], http://www.dutchdamage.com ["Website"] contains within it a number of areas of general interest that provide information and services to the user. Most of the content is provided by and is the responsibility of the third party creator/poster and Dutch Damage has no responsibility for such content, as it is merely providing a service to you.

Dutch Damage does not accept any liability to you, in contract or tort for any damage, loss or expense you may incur by your actions or omissions made in reliance on or as a result of the information contained within the Website. By its very nature, the Website may contain information that is inaccurate, offensive to some people and in some cases mislabled or deceptive. We would therefore expect that you would exercise common sense and good judgement when using the content contained within the Website.

The Website, including but not limited to, graphics, text, video and audio is protected by copy rights and trademarks under international law.

The content of the Website is provided to you without guarantee for timeliness, completeness, accuracy or warranty (express or implied), including warranties for quality, fitness for purpose which are excluded under Dutch Law.

Dutch Damage is not responsible for any errors, mistakes or omissions in relation to the information contained within the Website.

Information contained within the Website is intended for your personal use as general interest and you accept full responsibility for its application and use. It is assumed that you may not rely on information contained within the Website, as a substitute for you own judgement, scrutinisation and consideration. Individual reports and content contained within the Website may be subject to copyright. You agree to abide by all additional notices and restrictions contained within the Website.

Information and photos on this site cannot be used as evidence in court.

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